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Emotional reactions can be grown within ourselves in our minds

Stopping and changing emotional reactions have often been compared to the problems like they are fixing a car. The general question asked is “How can I change my reaction?” or “How can I stop reactions like anger, jealousy, frustration etc.?” It is assumed that if we are able to amend one thing, the whole problem will be solved. People think it is as easy to change as changing a spark plug. They do not understand that changing emotional reactions does harm human.

It is the desire of all humans to be free of emotional reactions and sufferings. But they do not understand that our desire for change is laced with rejection and frustration which is also another emotional reaction. This is having an emotional reaction with the desire of having a change in our emotional reaction.

In order to change our emotional reaction, it will be better to make our mind like a garden with a growing field of emotional energy and bring life to it. We should try to nurture the fruits of joy and gratitude in our mind and pluck out all the weeds of fear and anger. It should be like an emotional field with all positive energy growing. Every weed should be of positive emotional reaction.

Some people think that denial will be a way to stop their emotional reaction. If one does that for a long time, then he will not feel guilty of it. This is like using a spray weed killer on the garden. If you kill the weed, you also land up killing the fruit. You will not feel angry of jealous. But on the other hand, you will not even feel love, joy and happiness. Behavior and beliefs that created joy will take a very long time to grow within you. They do not grow in a span of one month. One needs to invest good efforts to bear the fruit of happiness in their emotional garden within oneself. This cannot be done in a hurry. It is not like fixing a car. Good emotional reactions take time to come within you.

 Every individual have their own field of emotional energy within themselves which fruit emotional reactions. This is a literal statement, not a metaphorical statement. Every individual grow their own emotional energy in their own personal field. This field gets agitated when we have an emotional reaction. We do not see emotions. But they have a very powerful factor in our life.

Stopping emotional reactions is a very challenging job. This does not behave and respond in the way we think. Wrong approach to change our emotions will only agitate them more in the future. When we become aware of how to our emotional field works, we can change our emotional reactions. When we stop doing the things that agitate the emotional field within us, our emotional reactions dissolve all by themselves. We only need to understand of how to tackle our emotional field so that it does not get agitated and produce more emotional reactions.